Hurry Up and Live!
Hurry Up and Live!

Our Story


Hurry Up and Live!™ is a newly formed lifestyle LLC calling you to Hurry Up and Live!®

The story behind this call to action:

My college sweetheart, husband and father to our two daughters, Brittany and Hayley was diagnosed with cancer at age 48. After a 3 year heroic battle, Chip passed away. He was larger than life and inspired everyone who knew him with his strength and attitude. After his death, I felt I had to “hurry up and live”! This truly became a call to action for many of our friends. Every day is a blessing! Love, laugh, travel, dream and pursue! Hurry Up and Live!™


A year and a half after Chip’s death, I was introduced to Jon Albert for business purposes and agreed to meet for a quick cup of coffee. That cup of coffee turned into a nine hour conversation.

Jon lost his wife to cancer around the same time as I lost Chip. I shared with Jon that first day my fear that cancer claimed a single life but did not need to curtail both. I shared my desire to live again. When I said I just wanted to hurry up and live it became an unveiling. It really was as if lighting had struck.  An aha moment. Jon’s first and immediate reaction was:  “I can do that”.  We have been having fun, living, smiling and experiencing life since then and are now married!



Hurry Up and Live!® is a mantra—an enthusiastic, positive, upbeat, FUN lifestyle decision to live. I encourage you to live your life.  I encourage you to smile, laugh, create lasting memories. Life is very good; I encourage you to Hurry Up and Live!®

— Karen