Hurry Up and Live!
Hurry Up and Live!

Our Cause

Through our partnership with the Jack & Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation (JAJF), every time a Hurry Up and Live!® shirt is purchased, JAJF can treat more late stage cancer families to their own WOW! Experience!

Treating families to WOW! Experiences™, giving children, who will lose their Mom or Dad to cancer, a timeout to create indispensable memories together...while they can is the purpose and mission of JAJF. Those investing in and supporting JAJF appreciate these children and these families (together) deserve to call timeout from the hardship and miserable anticipation of losing their Mom or Dad.

  • JAJF is on the smile, laughter, joy, positive side of late stage cancer. They’re on the beach, sunset, resort, ballgame, dude ranch, attractions, Broadway and concert side…the living side of dying from cancer...they are a celebration of being together as a family.
  • JAJF has treated hundreds of families across the nation to cherished time together in Hawaii, Arizona, NYC, South Florida, Orlando, Sarasota, Nashville, the Caribbean, Colorado, Wyoming, Alaska, up and down California and elsewhere!

For JAJF to be "prescribed" by Oncologists across the United States as part of the treatment process and protocol for the patient and the family is extraordinary. The ultimate message: We should ALL Hurry Up and Live!®

Help create memories for these families as you create your own memories. We are grateful! 

 JAJF has gained tremendous national praise and credibility. JAJF was featured on the CBS Sunday Morning show with Charles Osgood in December 2012.